Reuben Tabner is an adventure and travel sport photographer based in Inverness, Scotland.


Hello, my name is Reuben Tabner. 

a commercial and editorial photographer, based in Inverness at the heart of the dramatic Highlands of Scotland. Welcome to my website where you can explore my work as an action and adventure sports photographer, creating fresh, engaging imagery for a wide range of clients, to help them communicate their story and brand to their target audience. 

As a photographer, I take my inspiration from my surroundings, especially the mountain and ocean environments. I grew up in North Yorkshire on the edge of the North Sea, that sea air has never left my blood and still fires my imagination today. 

Over the years I have immersed myself in the world and culture that surrounds an active outdoor lifestyle, grasping every opportunity to spend time in the mountains – running, mountain biking and climbing and on the oceans – sailing, swimming and failing at surfing. 

Seven things to know about me:

  • Coffee – I love espresso and probably drink way too much.
  • I’m married to my beautiful wife Katie, who inspires me as much as the mountains.
  • I miss the mountains when I’m at sea, and the sea when I’m in the mountains.
  • I love running in the winter, the crisp air might hurt the lungs, but frees the mind.
  • Along with my wife (then fiancée) I spent six months living and working in Nepal, possibly the most humbling period in my life.
  • I’ve competed in several ultra marathons as well as 24-hour mountain bike races, both in the UK and the Alps, I’ve also climbed a 6,000 metre peak in Nepal.
  • I have a thing about the number seven.
I hope you enjoy checking out my work, if you have any questions or are looking to work with me, don’t hesitate to reach out via email, Twitter or Instagram.
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