Train At Altitude – Trail Running Magazine

IMG_20130919_103740Those of you who read Trail Running Magazine may have already seen the article on “Training At Altitude” in this month’s edition. If you haven’t it’s worth nipping out and grabbing a copy. The Editor of Trail Running, Claire Maxted joined The Trail Running Team for a couple of days when we were out in Chamonix back in June. Fresh from her Bob Graham attempt, somehow she managed to run with us over some rather challenging hills, whilst maintaining a constant interview with one or another of us and filming the best bits on her iPhone.

IMG_20130919_103502The result of all those interviews and a few stops for Roy Belchamber to do his magic with the camera is the article on how Running in the Mountains can help you run quicker and stronger back here in the UK. If you’ve considered a running holiday to the Alps, then hopfully this article will answer some questions. And trust me, it’s worth doing…


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