ThrillSeekers Adventure Film Festival 2013

IMAG0501_1Last night it was pouring with rain… falling in sheets from the sky… not a night for running or even biking. So what better way to spend the evening, than kicking back with a pint of fine ale and over 2 hours of adrenaline packed, real life, adventure films on the big screen. It’s film festival time, kicking off with the Thrillseekers Adventure Film Festival, last night at the Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle.

The Thrillseekers Adventure Film Festival travels the UK showing the best in extreme sport and adventure films. Split over three nights and 30 cinemas, there’s something for everyone, with paddling, mountain biking, endless powder, climbing and the grit determination of epic adventures.

The first showing in Newcastle included; “Way of Life” by Teton Gravity Research. Filmed on location deep within the Alaskan Mountains and Jackson Hole, Way of Life explores the bond that exists between athletes and the mountains and between each other. Featuring some epic big mountain lines, it’s a film thats bound to leave you dreaming of powder runs.

Next up is “Cascada” a quest for the perfect waterfall, a journey of discovery into the heart of a remote Mexican jungle with some of the best kayakers in the World. Along for the ride we also have Tim Kemple, Anson Fogel and Skip Armstrong top film makers and photographers, so the resulting film is going to leave  you gasping for air as kayakers plummet off hundred foot waterfalls, dropping into impossible holes and coming out the other side… A film that shows what is possible with adventure film making and a strong bond between athlete, photographer and passion.

After spitting the remainder of the Mexican river water from between our teeth we are whisked away to New Zealand where we are treated to tomfoolery from Trek Mountain Bike’s C3 Project Team in the form of “Not Bad” a 30 day Mountain Bike Party, with a bit of everything from Downhill, fast flowing single track, dirt jumps and half a wooden loop the loop. With dawn rides to inspire you to get up before sunrise, the riding is as diverse as the locations and mountain biking itself..

The night has to end at some point… but not before we are whisked to Antarctica for “Last Great Climb“, this was a film I have been waiting to watch for months, so was happy to see it on the big screen. Berghaus athlete Leo Holding and his team of top climbers head of to the frozen waste lands of Queen Maud Land in Antarctica to climb the majestic peak of Ulvetanna. Possibly the most stunning mountain form in the world. Alone in the vast expanse of frozen ice, battling freezing temperatures and high winds Leo and his team fight their way up the North East ridge in an attempt to be the first to summit the peak. It’s a tale that leaves you wanting more… but doesn’t disappoint in anyway…

This was only the first of three nights of films to be featured at the Tyneside and cinemas around the country… so head over to and find a showing near you. The remaining line up, is certainly not to be missed…