The Red Bull Steeplechase Returns…

RedBull Steeplechase 2013Last year I took part in the inaugural Red Bull Steeple Chase, a race that promised to be different, that promised to defeat the majority of those who stepped up to take part. It was proved right on both counts. It turned out to be the most fun race I have ever taken part in, it ripped me apart and spat me out the other side a broken man… I vowed to be back…

Start Line CastletonSo when an email popped into my inbox with the following, grabbing my attention, I was sold before I had even finished my morning coffee….


Last year you were one of the brave few to take part in Red Bull’s great British Steeplechase. Well the time has come to dig deep once more and sign yourself up for another epic running adventure.”

Once again the race is sold promising to take us to new heights in our running and endeavour, over hills and dales, through streams and thickets. On a course designed to challenge the hardiest of runners. I have to admit it, I’m looking forward to the challenge… I can’t wait…!

You can read last years tail here… Red Bull Steeplechase 2012 and if you think you are up to the challenge enter the race yourself… Steeplechase 2013