Strathpuffer – 12 hours to go

I’ve arrived in Strathpeffer, set up my van for the weekend, fettled my bikes and sorted kit… Before I crept down the fire road, hoping no one would notice, as I slunk off to a nice warm hotel, to sit by an open log fire and drink hot chocolate.

A missed alarm this morning, resulted in a sunrise drive up through a snow covered Northumberland, before hitting the Edinburgh ring road where the snow disappeared. But it soon returned with a vengeance after picking up my brother and pit slave for the weekend, in Stirling. Heading north on the A9, traffic ground to a slow crawl, behind snow ploughs trying to keep the road open…

2013-01-25 14.19.21

Delighted thoughts of 24 hours of snow riding fun, are soon dashed through, as we approach Inverness, snow turns to rain, the landscape from white to brown… We duck out of the van, running through the rain to collect parking tokens from Square Wheels in Strathpeffer before the driving up the muddy fire road, looking for a suitable parking space. Trying to beat the failing light.

2013-01-25 18.17.06

Registration completed, food consumed, I’m now trying to put per race nerves to the back of my mind, off for some sleep… I will be racing plate 59 tomorrow, solo for 24 hours… If you want to check my progress and see how I’m faring against the weather, cold, mud and other riders, then follow the link to the SportIdent website and click on the Strathpuffer live results.

2013-01-25 18.17.19