KMF adidas TERREX Trail Run

My number, signed by Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee

I disobeyed doctors orders and finally returned to running at the weekend, in the form of the Kendal Mountain Festival adidas TERREX Trail Run. This short race around Kendal in the Lakes was started by the legendary  Olympic heroes, Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee and took in local landmarks, spectacular scenery, a gut busting hill and a slippery, shoe eating muddy decent to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Back on the trail

A chilly morning, cleared for a sunny start and the day proved far warmer than the early morning frost suggested. With blue sky’s, opening up incredible views across the Lake District…

Shooting on the run

Returning from injury sustained during the Dusk til’ Dawn Ultra, I was given the all clear by the physio but told I had to take it easy, so treated the event as a fun run. My girlfriend elected to run as well,  so I ran with her. Not worrying about a time, or finish place meant I could enjoy being out in the sun and slippery, slidey, gloopy mud. That is until the last 150 meters when someone decided they were going for an all out sprint finish… catching me almost of guard…

Running along the cannel

Muddy paths were everywhere

Uphill struggle

I love hills, although some don’t

A short, sharp hill climb towards the end of the race, was met with groans by some, but an opportunity to stretch the lungs by many… All were awarded with views at the summit, followed by a nice long downhill back in to Kendal…

Billed as a 5 mile Trail Run, essential alterations at the last minute added on an extra half mile, making it even better value for money…

The reward for running up hills

The race was organised by Cumbria based Open Adventure, provides of some of the best Adventure Sports events in the UK, it’s well worth checking out their website for future events… but please leave spaces for me…

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One Comment on “KMF adidas TERREX Trail Run
  1. Ha…brilliant. Reminds me of the Fell Runners I saw when doing the Round of the 4 Passes in the Lakes in the 80’s. Their awe inspring athleticism and craft navigating the shortest route diagonally up and across the fells was a sight to see … and then on reaching the tops disappearing over the edge without hesitation freefalling down the mountain with great dexterity. Amazing.

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