IPPG Weekend

Reuben_Tabner_IPPG__3262Something totally different… A couple of weeks ago, I spent Sunday hiding from the rain in a big red inflatable sausage. Katie and myself had driven down from Newcastle to the Brecon Beacons to meet the guys behind the International Porters Protection Group (IPPG). We are hoping to spend some time working for IPPG in Nepal, at their Rescue Post in Machhermo, 4470 metres above sea level.Reuben_Tabner_IPPG__3275The weekend was an opportunity for us to hear more about what the role would involve, particularly for myself going out as a non-medic and working as a photographer, and for IPPG to get to know us as individuals to see if we would be suitable for the post.

Reuben_Tabner_IPPG__3245It was also an opportunity for us to learn about Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) and practice with some of the equipment we would have to rely on to treat patients, including the Portable Altitude Chamber (PAC Bag)… Since it was raining I readily volunteered to get inside the bag and stay dry…

Reuben_Tabner_IPPG__3248Once inside, the PAC Bag is pumped up and simulates a drop in altitude of a 1000 metres.  Used in an emergency situation they help save lives, in this case it kept me dry!

Reuben_Tabner_IPPG__3250 Reuben_Tabner_IPPG__3252If you haven’t come across IPPG it’s worth checking their website out, and once you have done that, they have a Charity Giving page