Heading to the Peak District

IMG_20131025_203224Tomorrow I’m heading back to the Peak District for the Dusk ’til Dawn Ultra. I did this race last year and this time around I’m being joined by Katie who’s setting out to run her first ultra oh and her first night race. The Dusk ’til Dawn, is a 50 mile race with a twist… It’s starts at sunset on the longest night of the year (the clocks go back at 2am) with the cut of being at sunrise the following morning…  IMG_20131025_205019With 14 hours and 11 mins between sunset and sunrise, the night is long. Bags are packed and Katie has even got some bright pink Calf Guards… This is one race when we are guaranteed to need out head touches, I’ll be counting on my LEDLenser SEO5 to light the way for me.

IMG_20131024_110621But it’s a race I’ve come close to not making… I’ve been fighting a cold all week… this eventually seemed to clear up yesterday only for me to slice my hand open, nicking my 5th MCPJ (the tendon that runs over your little finger), I ended up spending almost four hours in A&E getting it checked out… Thankfully I got the all clear to race tomorrow night, so long as I keep it clean and dry… Given the weather forecast, that might be easier said than done…

I’ll be back with a race write up when we get back, but in the mean time, here’s last years