Friday Stoke: The Runners


 “Everybody was born to move, and what do we do, we get on a bus, on a tube and go to work. Sit down for eight to nine hours a day. We are not using the muscles, not using the heart very much, its arguable how many people are using their brain!”

What do you think about when you are running? Is it an escape? Do you lose yourself, allowing your thoughts to turn inwards as you examine your inner fears, passions and love life? Is your guard dropped and are you more open to sharing details with strangers?

The Runners, is a series of heart touching interviews of people as they run through their local park. Intimate, challenging, funny and frankly passionate, for 30 seconds you are immersed in the thoughts of strangers as they pound the tarmac. Open to questions we would normally shy away from, opening their minds.