Failed MOT


Port Mulgrave

Port Mulgrave headland

The Snowhound failed its MOT last week, so I’ve just dropped it of at the garage to have some repairs done… Whilst I wait, I’m wandering along the cliff top path between Runswick and Port Mulgrave on my old fully ridged Muddy Fox.

Muddy Fox Monarch Sport

Muddy Fox Monarch Sport

I’m contemplating converting it in to a expedition touring bike for the winter, so first getting used to the ride as I haven’t used it in 10 years. It needs quite a bit done to make it expedition worthy. It’s got old school grip shifters, which work well, but the bar grips are split and keep dropping off, the headset is slightly lose and even with new bearings wont tighten up, the breaks need upgrading to something which stop the bike. Apart from that fitted with a set of mud guards, a pannier rack and some decent tyres I think it might do well… If you have done something similar, I would love to hear your thoughts…