Beinn Narnain


The radio tells tails of severe weather conditions affecting much of Britain as we drive through the night to Arrochar in the South West of Scotland. We see little sign of the snow they talk of. Reuben_Tabner_2806

But early the next day we make our way up through fresh snow towards Ben Arthur, affectionately known as The Cobbler. Fighting strong winds and deep snow we battle onwards towards our goal.  Reuben_Tabner_2809

The going is tough in places, a constant fight to stay upright as the wind gusts and blows, never stopping for a breath. One moment we walk on firm snow, the next a leg will plunge through a snow drift, up to the knee or thigh, as we slowly break trail. Reuben_Tabner_27831We pause to shelter behind a large boulder, to fit our crampons, fingers rapidly turning numb against the bare metal. Today is not a day for hanging around. Crampons finally fitted, we turn up hill towards the summit of Beinn Narnain.


We are greeted by a howling wind and thick cloud as we reach the summit cairn, not the picture postcard views we had wished for. So axes firmly gripped we head for home.


Views or no views, a day in the mountains is always a winner.Reuben_Tabner_2800