Alone with man flu


So I’m meant to be high up on a Welsh mountainside, breathing crisp clean air. Instead I’m bound to the confines of the hut, feeling rotten, out of puff and attracted to my sleeping bag… Something’s not right… It’s official, I have man flu. And I’m sitting it out in the stunning Llanberis valley, drinking tea and sucking throat lozansgers… I don’t do being ill… Especially during hill time…


This morning I dragged myself up Elidir Fawr with the intention of continuing on to the Glyders, however after eating my sandwich I turned for home, leaving Katie and Tony to continue the walk. The views on the way down were stunning.

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  1. You’re right by where my dad lives. We did a fantastic walk the other summer up from Ogwen valley, along the Glyders / Y garn / Elidir and back down to Dinorwig. Fabulous place. Get better soon!

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