A new magazine is a-foot…

I love to read, books, magazines, blogs, more magazines, postcards, letters, everything. Most of my inspiration to get out and do stuff comes from reading, well reading and looking at amazing photographs. And maybe watching a few good videos on Vimeo. But mostly it comes from reading. So when a few months ago I was told about a new magazine on the horizon I was a little bit excited, more so when I was asked to pen a few words. And now it’s almost here, there’s going to be a launch night and everything, so it’s defiantly for real.

Like The Wind MagazineIf you have ever read The Ride, Privateer, Rouleur, SingleTrack or the Alpinist then you will know that this isn’t going to be a magazine full of adverts, pampering to accountants and bean counters. It will be a magazine you will want to cherish, to read time and time, and keep pride and place. Perhaps a journal more than a magazine, full of stories about running. Running on the track, road, trails and in the mountains. Written with passion to inspire, to motivate, to move runners and non-runners alike – Like The Wind.

Edition One launches is February and will be available in limited numbers only. It’s not going to be worth missing it, and hearing from friends what you have missed and could have had, so I suggest popping over to Like The Wind and reserving your copy now… Don’t be disappointed..! And once you have done that, find them on Facebook where you can win the chance to come along to the launch night in London.


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  1. Hey Reuben, I managed to get my hands on this magazine at this year’s “Trail Running Team 2014” selection weekend at Helvellyn. What a crackin’ read as well as a fantastic article by yourself! I came across ‘Ride’ a year back and loved the format and thought that this was certainly something lacking within the ‘Trail/Running’ magazines. It’s a hard market to crack and maintain ‘shelf space’ for publishers, so I was excited to hear that Simon and Julie had put this ‘dire need’ into a reality.
    My #1 copy now sits pride of place in my campervan, for anytime I enjoy a fresh brew at the base of a Scottish Munro! 🙂

    “Run like the wind!”

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