Plans & Races

For me riding bikes and running in the hills has always been something I’ve just loved doing. I do it for the pure enjoyment of being in the hills, alone or with friends. For the adventure, the solitude and to escape the artificial life we live in cities and concrete tower blocks.

Inspired by my day job as a Sports Photographer, often on the finish line of races, 2012 saw me step up my training and enter a few races myself. With a love of big days in the mountains, it’s endurance events which have the draw for me. So I completed the Dusk-til-Dawn Ultra in October 2012 and promptly took the points to enter the UTMB – TDS for August 2013 along with the Lakeland 50. Not content with running for stupid lengths of time, I’ve also taken my mountain bike along for the ride, competing in the Strathpuffer¬†24, the legendary winter 24-hour race in the far North of Scotland along with many other events.

In 2014, along with my then girlfriend, Katie we accepted a posting to a Mountain Rescue Post in Nepal for three months. Katie working as a medic and myself photographing the work of the charity as well as getting some sneaky altitude training in. We returned to Nepal in early 2015 for a second posting, this time working in the Everest Valley, we were in the Khumbu when Nepal was struck by a massive earthquake on the 25th April 2015. Returning to the UK, we got married and have relocated to Inverness, in the North of Scotland – we like to be near mountains.