Is this our Winter?

We woke this morning to a nice foot of snow. The landscape looked perfect, completely transformed. Katie was heading towards the Cairngorms with a friend, to tackle a winter hill. Unfortunately, I had to be in Inverness most of the day, so couldn’t join them. So, instead, I popped out for a “quick” spin on the bike, although trying to push through drifting snow, proved not to be so quick!

I ran up this way, only a couple of days ago. Then there was a light dusting, just enough to call snow, now my feet sink in, well above the ankles. Trying to ride the bike, becomes a full workout, fighting against the snow, a slow and laborious task.

Rivers are made for crossing. This one is usually fairly easy, I can either hop rocks further down or ride through keeping my feet mostly dry. Today, neither option was going to work. The river, swollen by previous rain, was bigger than normal. The rocks are covered in a lethal layer of slippery snow. Wet feet in the freezing morning awaits. 

The snow proves something of a challenge to ride through today. Even the landrover tracks leading up to the wind farm are hard going. So, reluctantly I turn for home, a hot shower and work.