Back to Nepal

After just over two months back in the UK, enjoying the warmth of the British winter, we leave Manchester Airport on a grey February evening for the 18 hour trip back to Kathmandu, including a 7 hour holdover in Doha…

Arriving to the carnage of Kathmandu Airport, we watched as endless boxes of flat screen tv’s appear on the carousel as Nepalese workers return home with electrical goods. After 90 minutes our battered duffel’s finally arrived ready for another trip to the mountains.

Emerging from imagination, clutching our visa’s we were greeted by a wall of faces and helping hands all looking to take you to “very good hotel” or “very cheap taxi, very quick!” Hidden amongst these faces we were grateful to see that of our friend Gobi from the HRA, and avoiding most of the freelance bag carriers we made it into our car, only owing a few tips. Welcome to mayhem!



It’s night as we drive into the city, a different view from the day time. Power cuts mean much of the city is dark, with the only power provided by batteries and the occasional generator. We pass many small bonfires burning on the street with small groups stood around them keeping warm. Over 30 hours after leaving home, we are grateful to final arrive, to a warm welcome at the Hotel Marchyandi.