About Reuben


Reuben is a runner, a biker, a surfer, a seeker of adventure, an endurance athlete… Working full time as an action & adventure sports photographer and writer, he roams the globe searching for journeys of discovery. When not found behind his lens, he is in the hills and mountains running, on his bike or just trying to stand on a board in the North Sea. 

I’ve been fortunate all my life to live in beautiful places! I grew up in North Yorkshire, before moving to Aberdeen in Scotland to be near the hills… for eight years most weekends were spent biking, climbing, snowboarding and running in the Scottish hills. I left Aberdeen for a brief spell in France before returning to Yorkshire. I am inspired by a love of wild places, hostile environments, the weather, and most of all, by mountains. To journey in to these places, to call them my office and share them with others is a dream.

For the over ten years, I have worked within the outdoor industries in various capacities, for the past five years I have been capturing the moments when people achieve what they never thought was possible. As a result, in 2012 I set out on my own voyage of discovery as I venture in to the world of Ultra Running and Endurance Sports. I have always been a runner, I have always run on trails, but today these trails are getting longer and there is more purpose to my running.

I have completed the infamous Lakeland 50 in the Lake District, the 70 mile UTMB – TDS in the Alps around Mont Blanc, the 24Hour Strathpuffer Winter Mountain Bike Race and climbed 6,000 meter peaks in the Himalayas. I’m always looking for the next adventure and challenge be it work, pleasure or a mix of both.